Berit cerca una baby sitter a Trento

Trento 25-02-2020

Berit cerca una baby sitter a Trento

Sitly Trento 25-02-2020



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We're looking for a babysitter,
Who occasionally comes to us and takes care of our nine-year-old daughter.
That would be, for example, once a week when my husband and I would like to have dinner in a restaurant in the evening. Or for half a day at the weekend.
It would only be occasionally, probably 2-3 times a month.
We also have a dog (medium size, very nice).
So if we are not there for half a day, it would be great if you could even go for a walk together with our daughter (she knows our dog well). Now the most important thing: my daughter almost only speaks German (Italian is still being learned), which means it would be essential that you speak German on a quite good level. Italian also works, but not so well yet, just like English.
I (mother) am a German native speaker and the father is an Italian native speaker.
If you are interested, feel free to contact us!
We are all very nice and open-minded and also our daughter is easy to care for.


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